Aqua Source All season with Garlic


Aqua Source All Season with added Garlic is a highly nutritious and beneficial food designed to keep your koi in excellent health.

The premium quality white fish meal used ensures that all the essential amino acids are present, whilst the balance of lipids with the protein will promote rapid growth and development, without the risk of fatty deposits around the internal organs.
The addition of clay and prebiotics help to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce waste levels.
Benefits of Garlic:
Improves Cholesterol Levels
Improves Blood Circulation
Improves Metabolism
Protects against cell damage
Beneficial for Bone Health
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Feeding Aqua Source All Season with added Garlic will help keep your koi healthy throughout the year and can be fed above 8c. Especially beneficial after medical treatments or (re)starting filters.
Ingredients; White Fish Meal, Krill, Garlic, Montmorillonite Clay, Fish Oil, Brewers Yeast, Paprika, Spirulina, Vit A, D ,C & E, minerals
Composition; Protein 35%, Fat 7%, fibre 5% Carbohydrates 40% ash 7% 

3kg, 10kg