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Japanese Koi Fish

Kirky’s Koi is a friendly, family-run business with over twenty years of experience in koi keeping.
We have family values and we’re passionate about koi.

We’re an honest business that put you and your fish first and we work with these values in mind.
Our expert help and guidance is available to everyone so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Japanese koi can grow up to 24″ plus.

They’re sleek fish and their Japanese heritage gives them that classic stunning colour combination. They’re ideal for larger garden ponds and they make for hardy fish.

They’re also voracious eaters and do make a mess, so a good filtration system will put you in good stead.



Honest Business

Passionate about Koi

Vibrant colours & patterns

At Kirky’s Koi, we sell a range of colourful and well-bred Japanese koi as well as all of the pond equipment you’ll need to keep them in top shape.

We’re based in Boston and have beautiful fish of various sizes and varieties.

We supply pond and fish products with a range of filters, food, treatments, pond windows and more and we offer fair prices and competitive rates so everyone can enjoy the rewarding hobby of fishkeeping.