Pond Sphere


Helps reduce harmful Ammonia and Nitrite levels quickly

Each Sphere is packed with millions of beneficial bacteria

Spheres start working as soon as they hit the water

Added sludge control helps break down detritus and keep pipework clean

Aids clarity through reduction of organic material

Each Sphere treats 30,000 Litre


The Aqua Source Aqua Balance Spheres with Sludge Control are designed to reduce harmful Ammonia and Nitrite levels quickly and effectively.

Each Aqua Balance Sphere is packed full of beneficial, friendly bacteria that will help maintain a clean and healthy pond.

Millions of enzymes in the Sphere help reduce organic material in your pond, resulting in clearer water.

Ideal for use in koi and fish ponds, the Aqua Balance Sphere starts working as soon as it hits the water.

Add the Sphere either directly into your pond, or simply drop it into your filter. Use an Aqua Balance Sphere after chemical treatments have been added to your pond to help restart the biological activity in your filter.

Also beneficial when feeding heavily during the summer months.

Dosage Rates:
– Aqua Source Aqua Balance Sphere with Sludge Control – Treats 30,000 litres