oase pondvac 5



The powerful pond vacuum cleaner PondoVac 5 works as a combination of suction turbine and feed pump. The brother of the PondoVac 4 has identical pipes and nozzles, but is much more powerful in comparison. In comparison, it offers 60% more delivery capacity. Its suction power is 8000 l / h. It also pumps wastewater over height differences and is therefore also ideally suited for difficult terrain. The PondoVac 5 is presented in a new color scheme and is extremely mobile and quiet thanks to its “big wheel” design with rubber coating. A swimming hose set with 10 meters of hose (38 mm) and a suitable telescopic rod is optionally available for him.

Vacuum without interruption thanks to integrated emptying pump
Flexible use – waste water can be diverted in any direction.
Pumps the waste water even over height differentials
Maximum suction depth of 2.5 m thanks to high performance 1700 W motor with optimized blade geometry