flukesolve plus 50g


Extensive research has resulted in the creation of Fluke-Solve Plus®, a specially developed product for the treatment of the resistant flukes which are now causing serious problems in koi.

Fluke-Solve Plus® uses a combination of the proven technology of Fluke-Solve® (praziquantel) with new active ingredients (nitroscanate and emamectin benzoate). The special formulation of praziquantel, which easily and rapidly dissolves in ponds, combined with nitroscanate and emamectin benzoate, means you can see it dispersing through the water as soon as you add it to your pond.

For use in ponds containing koi carp exclusively, including in the presence of salt when added as a therapeutic. Fish can be fed normally during treatment. Fluke-Solve Plus® is safe with biofilters and plants.