Draco Solum 16


The Solum – Standalone Range

The engineering and understanding of how filtration works was developed to produce the stand-alone range of filters.

As with the ‘Drop-in’ range, these have some unique features to help eliminate dead spots that are usually found in stand alones.


The Solum Range is designed with twin inlet and outlet 4” but can be modified for individual requirements. Balancing of the inlets for bottom drain and skimmer use can be achieved through use of a gate valve. Curved bases follow the circumference of the drum which itself allows water to flow naturally through the unit and eliminates edges in which bacteria and dirt can accumulate.

These units are pretty enough for you not to want to hide them away

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• The remotely sited controller has start/emergency stop buttons and a knob allowing you to change the length of wash. LED indicator shows the length of time between washes in minutes. It also has 2 leads – one to plug into the mains supply (110v and 230v, auto selectable) and one to plug into the drum. Status of the unit is via 4 colour coded LEDs. We didn’t think we could make it any simpler than that.

• Low voltage, sealed water valves and drive units utilising an extremely low geared direct drive system mean that only 12 volts is anywhere near your pond water.

• Designed to run without a noisy and power-hungry wash pump in most circumstances (they are available if required). On standby, the unit can use less than 12 watts and in full wash mode, use 35 watts. It is entirely possible to run it off a car battery for prolonged periods of time.

Solum 16

Dimensions – 610mm wide x 560mm long x 581mm depth

Height above water level – 180mm

Capacity – 3,700 Imp. Gallons per hour / 16,000 litres per hour (in gravity mode, pump-fed less 25%)

Pond Volume – Approx 7,500 UK gallons

Twin 4” inlet and outlets

Easily removable Bypass plates