Draco Minima


The Minima–Combi Unit

Another first for Draco – a true, fully functional, expandable drum combi system.

Perfect for quarantines, average stocked ponds to 2000 gallons, multi-tank / sump installations and anywhere else a complete, compact unit is needed where there is very little space as it is only 30.5cm wide.


Height above static pond water level is 17.5cm and approx 18.5 above pump-fed.

This unit will run gravity or pump, but in pump, we will derate the maximum flow by 25%, in line with experience on our larger drums.

Media capacity is approximately 40 litres and can take micro K1.

An additional bolt-on bio unit will be available, allowing the user to seamlessly double the biological capacity of the filter.

• The integrated controller has start/emergency stop buttons and a knob allowing you to change the length of wash. LED indicator shows the length of time between washes in minutes. The status of the unit is via 4 colour coded LEDs.

• Low voltage, sealed water valves and drive units utilising an extremely low geared stepper motor drive system mean that only 12 volts are anywhere near your pond water.

• Designed to run without a noisy and power-hungry wash pump in most circumstances (they are available if required). On standby, the unit can use less than 12 watts and in full wash mode, use 35 watts. It is entirely possible to run it off a car battery for prolonged periods of time.

Combi Unit

Dimensions (Including inlet/outlet pipes) – 350mm wide x 1215mm long x 488mm high

Height above water level – 175mm

Pond Volume – Approx 2,000 UK gallons

Single 3” inlet and outlets