Draco Magna


Introducing our new flagship combi system, the Magna. Capable of 50,000 LPH flow rate @ 58 µm (gravity fed) and up to 250 litres of media, it uses the same super efficient full length, curved base bio layout as our medium sized combi, the Medius. Other features include 4 x 4″ inlets, removable, internal bio bypass pipe for connection to a shower, sloped and slotted drum chamber base to eliminate “dust” buildup and bio media “bunching”, short length drum to increase waste tray angle and reduce water usage, drum bypass plate, Hi-torque true brushless drive motor and still has a simple single 12v DC connection as with all our other units. Optional pressure pump for the spraybar if needed, but a tap supply of 2 bar or more will be sufficient. 1 watt standby, 45 watts whilst washing. Available in gravity and pump fed versions, which can easily be swapped over. Capable of looking after ponds 8,000 gallons and over.

Magna specifications –

Dimensions – 740mm (W)
1045mm (H)
1340 (L)
160mm (Height above water level gravity mode)
Flow rate – 50,000 LPH (gravity) @58µm
40,000 LPH (Pump fed) @58µm
Pond capacity -8000 – 10000 Gallons (36,000 to 45,000 litres) or
Inlets – 4 x 110mm
Outlets – 2 x 110mm plus 2” bio bypass connection
Bio Capacity – Maximum 250 litres of media (Hel-x 13